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National Organization for Women

Virginia NOW Did Not Boycott Wegmans

It has come to Virginia NOW's attention that multiple newspapers have published false reports claiming that Virginia NOW and the National Organization for Women boycotted Wegmans Grocery Store on Feb 15, 2017 in attempt to get them to stop selling Trump Wine. 

The Washington Post
Buffalo News
Fredericksburg Freelance Star
Huffington Post
Washington Times
Pilot Online
Fox News
The Blaze
Democrat & Chronicle
Daily Wire
Philadelphia Magazine
News 10: WHEC
Times Union
Business Insider

This is a FALSE news report.

National NOW, Virginia NOW, and all other chapters under NOW's wing never boycotted Wegmans nor any other company.  It is against National and Virginia NOW's bylaws to boycott.  We may protest in support of causes, such as equal pay for equal work.  However we may not boycott individual companies over the distribution of their products. 

Please be aware that both the news and photographs in all of these are FAKE.  Our Virginia NOW President, Diana Egozcue has written the Freelance Star requesting a retraction of the article on the same front page the false news report was published on.  She has not heard back from the Freelance Star as of yet.

In reaction to an event that never happened, Wegmans has sold out of Trump Wine.

This is the power of news stories and the press.  It is vital that our nation's reporters be held accountable for publishing the truth and that we the people hold them to the standard of professional journalism.

Hold the press accountable.

People are threatening to boycott Wegmans for selling Eric Trump's wine
Wegmans faces boycott over Trump wines
Wegmans supermarket sells out of Trump wine after proposed boycott
Women's organization in Virginia threatens Wegmans boycott over Trump wines
Buffalo News: Wegmans sells out of Trump wine targeted by boycott

Names of the 'journalists' who published false news reports:

Douglas Ernst; Wegmans boycott over Trump wine backfires; supermarket sells out
; Wegmans is the latest company to face Trump-related boycotts
; Wegmans grocery store site of latest Trump-related boycotts
; Wegmans faces boycott over Trump wines
; Buffalo News: Wegmans facing boycott in Virginia over Trump Winery products



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