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About the Team
By Paradise

I have the honor of working alongside these two wonderful women who make this matrix of online resources extend far beyond the beautiful state of Virginia. 

Lisa Keyser's advanced web skills enable me to craft and refine the words and artistic details that you see on these pages.  I orchestrate the artful expression, splashing the site with texture and personality, highlighting each page with empowering language.  Meanwhile, Lisa keeps the gears and cogs of this machine running smoothly.   

Simone Roberts is a juggler!  She is able to implement a strong foundation in a short amount of time as well as complete multiple projects simultaneously.  She continues to lend her wisdom and insight to keep creating new forms of a thriving, women's culture. 

Together, we are the staff of Virginia NOW.

Stay Wild and Free,

Communications VP ♦ Webmistress


SPWebsiteLogo-2Paradise Kendra

Vice President of Communications
& Webmistress

Hadley Elizabeth Hunter Hawks
- who goes by the nom de plume "Paradise Kendra" is an artist, website designer, and former Slumber Parties consultant. Paradise received her B.A. in Art and Visual Technology from George Mason University and has a background in women's history, communications, film, and astrology. Paradise is a dedicated women's rights activist who joined National NOW at the age of 15 and became an executive officer with Virginia NOW in 2012.

With over ten years of experience in feminist advocacy, Paradise works to revive several aspects of Second Wave Feminism; including women's history preservation, financial empowerment, goddess theology, and sexual liberation. Paradise brings a diverse array of experience in event planning, content marketing, and creative writing.

Paradise oversees communication between the individual Virginia NOW chapters. She also manages the external communication and correspondence within the state. She works directly with Virginia NOW's President to expand our membership, network and resources.

In 2014, Paradise created the Virginia NOW's first ever website, vanow.org and has ran its day to day activity, design, and content ever since.  Paradise carefully listened to and collected countless resources that the Virginia NOW officers discussed over the years and decided it was a waste not to make those resources public to all.  The Support and Alliance pages in particular are listings of preferred organizations, companies, and services recommended by the members of Virginia NOW. 

Paradise also created and maintained Virginia NOW's Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, and Tumblr pages.  Paradise chose her social media source material with the specific intent of having less depressing, redundant postings and instead using Virginia NOW's social media networks to post more informative and empowering posts.  She is quoted saying, "Unless there's a way to take action, don't post something depressing.  Everyone's timelines are flooded with negativity and destroying someone else's good day is not the mission of Virginia NOW."

Also in 2014, Paradise founded the ERA Foremothers Oral History Project, alongside her comrade in arms, Dr. Simone Roberts.  In 2015 when Simone stepped down from Virginia NOW, Paradise took the helm of the oral history project back under her wing and continues to interview and archive the incredible women and men who were instrumental in achieving women's rights and civil liberties in Virginia.


SimoneProfile2014Dr. Simone Roberts

ERA Coordinator & Historian (2013-2015)

M. F. Simone Roberts is an independent scholar of poetics with interests in cultural anthropology, feminist phenomenology, ethics, and gender. Roberts is a Poetry & Social Justice Fellow for Split This Rock. She is also co-editor of the anthology Iris Murdoch and the Moral Imagination: Essays and author of the critical monograph A Poetics of Being-Two: Irigaray's Ethics and Post-Symbolist Poetics. Her poems are coming soon to a journal near you. She adventures this world with her consort, Adam Silverman.

Simone launched vanow.org with Paradise in 2014.  She fluidly runs VANOW's social media networks as well as provide press releases for Virginia NOW on a variety of multi-issued feminist topics.  She assists Paradise with the website's content and up-keep as well as handle general inquiries from the public.  In addition to her role as web editor, Simone became the ERA Coordinator & Historian (2014-2015), creating the Virginia ERA Network Blog designed to inform and empower current and future generations about the importance of ERA ratification.  Simone also took on the ERA Foremothers Oral History Project and created our fabulous YouTube channel, full of historical interviews she filmed with our very own Virginia foremothers!


Lisa-KeyserLisa Keyser

Front End Developer

Lisa Keyser
is our right hand woman. Anything we need, she makes it happen. 

Lisa, a mother of two, is actively involved in her local birth community in Northern Virginia. She sings with her church choir, swims for fitness and occasionally competition, and reads as much as she can.  Check out her services at LMK Web Design & Consulting.

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