Virginia Chapter of the

National Organization for Women

Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault / Trafficking

Please consider following our new blog that was created to help ensure that all rape kits in Virginia are tested and that any evidence found is used accordingly.  It's time we any end further medically invasive assaults on a woman / individual's already-violated body -- especially when millions of kits are never tested nor used to further the investigations. 


Help us respect a woman's body and empower the law to stop sexual assault offenders in the state of Virginia.  --> Rape Kits in Virginia


End the Backlog
Working to process rape kits and prosecute rapists.

Fair Girls DC
The DC branch of the education and empowerment organization.

DC area support organization helping sex workers (male, female, and transgender) to live a healthy life. No shame, just support.

A movement against street harassment. And ... there’s an app for that!

National Network to End Domestic Violence
NNED is a national advocacy and support organization that supports state coalitions and local organizations working to end domestic violence and advocate for policies that support victims of abuse. 
AND, you can donate your old cell phone for a woman in need through NNED's partnership with Verizon. Click here for the deal.

Polaris Project
Anti-slavery and anti-trafficking resources in Virginia.

Our Great Hobby
A report on sex trafficking and male demand from the heartland, by CAASE.

RAINN | Rape, Abuse, and Incest
The nation's largest anti-sexual assault organization.

Shoe Revolt
Educates US teens about modern slavery and build skills for opportunities, empowers teens to resist pimps and talk smart fashion.

Tahirih Justice Center
Comprehensive pro-bono legal, family, and therapeutic services for victims of labor and sexual trafficking in the Metro DC area.

US Department of State
Trafficking awareness training on-line: how to recognize the signs.