Virginia Chapter of the

National Organization for Women

Ethnicity/Women of Color

African American Women’s Institute

An academic center for research, theory and dialogue, the Institute also maintains a national directory of services and resources for African American women and girls.

American Muslim Women’s Association
Addresses pervasive stereotypes of Muslims and Muslim women in the USA.

African Women’s Development Fund
Working for the economic and social empowerment and personhood of pan-African women.

Asha, Inc.
A South Asian Women’s self-help organization, many resources, crisis hotlines in South Asian languages.

The Center for Asian Pacific American Women
San Francisco based, national organization supporting APA women.

Defy Impossible - Black Woman Business Coaching and Mentoring
Dr. Venus Reese empowers and teaches black women how to defy what once seemed...impossible.

Latin American Women’s Association
Supporting educational advancement for Hispanic youth and women.

The Latina Institute
A comprehensive social and political organization focused on Latina support and empowerment.

Latino Media Collective
DC local radio broadcast group focused on Latino issues locally and nationally.

League of United Latin American Citizens
A non-partisan organization advancing the position of Latin Americans in all aspects of American society and politics.

An organization for the support and advancement of African American’s, with several chapters in Virginia.


The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials facilitates the full participation of Latinos in American civil life, from understanding public policy to running for political office.

South Asian American Women’s Leadership Forum
An empowerment and mentoring association for SAA women and girls.

Vintage Black Glamour by Nichelle Gainer
The book, the beauty, the history, the tribute!

The Wise Latina Club
A multi-dimensional, whole life, resource and entertainment community. Politics, health, music, festivals, film, books, art, sport, if it's interesting or useful, it's here.

Womanist Empowerment Series
Pamala Wiley 30-Day empowerment series that transforms!

Women's Freedom Forum

A women's rights organization associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information aimed to raise public awareness on issues relating to women's equality, political participation and empowerment. WFF aims to uplift the voices of women in the Middle East and to ensure that they are heard.