Virginia Chapter of the

National Organization for Women

Faith & Spirituality

Spiritual Shops
Liberal Churches
Magick Stores
Feminist/Goddess Theology Resources

13 Magickal Moons
Your one-stop witching shop with ritual supplies, tarot, energy stones, classes in ritual and divination. 

Catholics for Choice
Working for sexual and reproductive freedom in the Catholic congregation.

Christian Feminism Today
Equality and inclusiveness through the Christian God's expansive love.

Listing churches in (Virginia) welcoming the breadth of humanity and/or progressives, and there are quite a few of us.

Goddess Ink
A publishing house by women, for goddesses!

Her Church
A sacred space for those who wish to worship the divine feminine at the cutting edge and the leading edge of the  traditional “religious/spiritual” frameworks.  Located in San Francisco, California.

So before there was patriarchy, there was matriarchy.  If the universe exists, God-with-Form exists. God-with-Form is God as She relates to Her created universe.  Learn all things about the divine goddess or Mother God here. 

Northern Virginia Pagan Network
A group founded on the goal of providing a networking resource for all Pagans, both groups and solitaries, in the Northern Virginia area. We strive to help connect the strands of the Pagan community web throughout the area.

Sticks and Stones 
An spiritual earthy kind of store! Gifts for the spirit, mind, and body! Located in Fairfax, Virginia.

From the phrase “tikkun olam,” to repair the world. A Jewish led, religiously integrated, political and faith community with global vision.

Unitarian Universalist Congregations
The national website, and congregation locator.

Sacred Circle
Located on King's Street in Alexandria, Sacred Circle is your one stop spiritual and metaphysical shop, containing all the tools necessary for your journey!

Woman-centered astrological datebooks, earth-spirited and multicultural. Made by and for and featuring the work of women from around the world. Both a datebook and an astrological guide to the energy cycles of the coming year. 

The White Goddess - Pagan Portal
An online resource for Pagans, Wiccans, and Witches.