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Virginia NOW's Staff Openings

Virginia NOW's Position Openings
Available Positions Include:

Executive Vice President (Elected)
Legislative Vice President (Elected)
Non-Profit Grant Writer (Appointed)

Print/Digital Promotional Designer (Appointed)
Historian (Appointed)

The above positions are both elected and appointed positions and are for the moment, unpaid.
In order to run for any position, you must be a member in good standing of Virginia NOW.  For the elected positions, your membership must be of three or more years duration, unless you have the recommendation of an executive or chapter officer.

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[Note: Positions and their qualifications may be refined in the future.]


Position Descriptions
Note: Some of these positions may have just recently been filled, but site updates are made frequently.

President   (Elected)

Serve as a spokesperson for VA NOW on all matters except those under the Legislative VP, appoint members of VA NOW committees and state council, preside over meetings with VA NOW and state council, resolve conflicts, and foster communication across state chapters.

Executive Vice President   (Elected)
Assist the President in operation of the state organization, manage state meetings, caucuses, and conferences, and assume the responsibilities of the President if the President becomes unable to perform them.

Legislative Vice President  (Elected)

Represent women's legal rights and VA NOW's legislative interests to the Virginia General Assembly. Travel to Richmond during the annual legislative session and promote all of VA NOW's desired bill additions/changes to the Virginia House and Senate. Manage the organization's relationship  with policymakers, government officials, and allied advocates.

Treasurer / PAC Treasurer

The Treasurer serves as an elected officer and is responsible for our finances, taxes, and bank bookkeeping.  The Treasurer is one of our most valued positions and because of that, we ask for legitimate qualifications.  A background in accounting/bookkeeping is vital; a CPA is preferred.  Experience in small business, non-profit finance and budgeting is necessary.  Taxes and bookkeeping skills are required.  This position, while crucial to VaNOW's success, also has a lighter workload than most other executive positions.

PAC President

Co-chairwoman can be either the Virginia NOW President, the Legislative VP, or both of you. Executive Position appointed by the President.

Non-Profit Grant Writer   (Appointed) 

Become familiarized with VA NOW's programs, goals, and financial needs. Research potential funding opportunities and prepare grant proposals professionally and effectively.

Print/Digital Promotional Designer  (Appointed)

Assist the Communications VP (and/or specified VA NOW chapters) with press releases, mail/e-mail invites, organization updates, public relations/media, graphic design and marketing development, and social media campaigns.

Lobbying Director

Assists the Legislative VP with legislative tasks.  Appointed by the President.   

Fundraising Chair

Creatively raises funds for Virginia NOW's 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 through a variety of strategies. Chair will be responsible for marketing and promoting Virginia NOW’s vibrant, feminist message and also for acquiring its donations and memberships. Online and offline donation/membership letters, flyers, brochures, etc. are the fundraising chair’s responsibility. Take advantage of a nearby festival that allows vendors and promote Virginia NOW with its own table! Setup Amazon.com’s non-profit donation option! Think outside the box to get us the biggest bang for our buck. Just keep it legit! ;) Appointed by the President, and works with the Marketing Director and the Communications Vice President.

ERA Coordinator

Blogger, coalition contact, legislation watchdog and social media maven for the Equal Rights Amendment. Keep our members up-to-date on developments in VA and nationally on ratification. Work with and coordinate with ERA groups in other states, and with the VA Women's Equality Coalition when necessary. It's one issue, but its own project. In you become one of the "ambassadors" of Virginia NOW so you must both play nicely and punch hard, and know when each is required. See VIRGNIAERANETWORK.WORDPRESS.COM . Appointed by the President and works with the Communications Vice President.

Marketing Director

Conceive, plan, supply and staff events ranging from non-traditional fundraisers to recharging socials for our members to assistance with the state council meeting and conference. Banners, buttons, t-shirts, brochures, flyers, logos/graphics, membership and donation letters, etc. are to be kept track of and also delivered throughout the various chapters as needed. Appointed by the President and works with the Fundraising Chair and the Communications Vice President.

Party Representative

Assist in finding locations geared for highest attendance. Setup the food/catering/decor/invite preparations for events. Assist Communications VP with the promotion both online and offline using social media resources as needed. Assists the President, Treasurer, Communications VP and chapter presidents with coordinating and promoting statewide and local events. If within the budget, hotels, etc. Assist in the fundraising and donor appreciation. Appointed by the President.

Outreach Director

Assists the Membership VP and Communications VP with recruiting new people to our organization! Must have an interest in connecting with as many communities as possible, be able to manage our membership database, social media networks, etc.  Appointed by the President.


This position is for a lover of archiving who has a background in photography and video editing.  Historian is going to be documenting, converting, transferring, preserving, and archiving the history of women in Virginia as they deserve to be!  Our Historian will also be responsible for making sure Virginia NOW's history and media files are safe and secure.  We need all the hands possible to help us archive the feminist foremothers of Virginia!  We'd appreciate the help of all you talented artists out there!  Appointed by the Communications VP.


Communications Department

–  a background in art, communications, promotion, social media marketing, public relations, advertising

  • Assist the Communications VP (and/or specified VA NOW chapters) with…
  1. Press releases
  2. Physical and digital mail invites
  3. “Take action”, “Power to the people” and “Victory” updates to members    
  4. Public relations and media
  • Graphic Design -- developing and updating marketing materials, e.g., brochures, flyers, T-shirts, pens, etc.
  • Helping develop and execute social media campaigns for different target audiences for publicity and fundraising.

Party/Event Planning and Fundraising Department

event planning and fundraising background

  • Assist the President, Treasurer, Communications VP and chapter presidents with coordinating and promoting events.
  • Assist in finding locations geared for highest attendance; setup the food/catering preparations for events.
  • Promote online and offline using social media resources as needed.
  • Assist in the fundraising and donor appreciation.
  • If within the budget, flyers, brochures, etc.

Outreach Department

passion for interacting


  • Assisting the Membership VP in recruiting new people to our organization and/or events! Look for potential feminists anywhere! Think outside the box! Reach out to women entrepreneurs! Women-owned businesses!  The boyfriends of your feminist members! Promote Virginia NOW at your grocery store, your friend’s parties. This job is for the person who finds talking to strangers easy.
    • Look beyond other non-profits and women’s studies departments.
  • Speak publically at our events. Audiences include our partners and interested organizations. This may involve video-recording presentations.
  • Must have a car! This is a big one for a state chapter position whose job it is to recruit members all across an entire state (and beyond if you’re so inclined). This cannot be done on your computer, smart device, or via metro stops alone. If you do not have a car, there are plenty of other positions readily available to you. Don’t be discouraged from applying for the ones with less traveling! :)

Finance Department

crunching numbers

  • Treasury positions require a background of some kind in finance. Our Treasury positions are of the most important and valued positions within our organization and because of that, we ask for legitimate qualifications.
  • A background in accounting/bookkeeping is vital; a CPA is preferred.  Experience in small business, non-profit finance and budgeting is necessary.  Taxes and bookkeeping will be required.

Legislation & PAC Department

- politics, politics, and women's expanding rights!

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