Virginia Chapter of the

National Organization for Women


Know Your Rights


We live in a world of toxic myths about
       women and men, sex and sexuality,
             femininity and masculinity,
                     illness and wellness,
                          and the power of language in society. - Simone Roberts


Where are your barriers that need breaking down? Where are you seeking alliance and not finding it? Hit the pause button on those voices that are consciously or subconsciously telling you because they say so or that's just the way it is.


What would you do if those barriers weren't there?

How would you live life?

What would you embrace?

What would you tell someone in support that might not be well received by the mass public? Even to the audience you consider yourself a part of?  We need to remove these toxic myths through revolutionary support and shared celebration. 

Toxic myths get at us from familiar angles (advertising, family/friends, religious ideologies, popular culture, judgy people), but they enter our personal systems in more subtle ways too. They can interfere with our happiness and health, our love and pleasure, our sense of agency and alliance, and our ability to find the fierce generosity we need to act for feminist change.

These pages offer a grab-bag of our critiques of these myths and our suggestions for re-writing, re-making, remything our being in more powerful, more creative, more robust ways. 

Our Know Your Rights page provides tips on how to detect and confront these various authorities who send you in misleading directions in attempts to limit your freedoms.  We also have a Rights NOW page dedicated to informing women what freedoms she already has.