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National Organization for Women

Archivist Statements

Archivist Statements

Archivist ♀ Paradise Kendra
Statement from the Foremothers Project Founder

This project began when I asked my incredible web editor, Simone Roberts, if she would take on the incredible project of archiving and documenting the ERA stories by some of the Virginia liberation activists.  Many of these women are or have been Virginia NOW members and I was deeply inspired by their stories.  I knew they should be archived and preserved for all of you.  I also knew that Diana Egozcue's (Virginia NOW's president) ongoing passion and dedication for ERA ratification in Virginia was another motivating factor for me wanting this project.

I especially want to thank Lee Perkins and Mary Ann Beall for their incredible inspiration and assistance with archiving, artifacts, and precious historical information.  Lee Perkins has been dedicated as Virginia NOW's historian and archivist, maintaining the feminist history by converting photos, documents, newspaper clippings so that we are blessed to know and have our own culture.  Thank you, Lee.

A very personal thanks also to Mary Peterson Hartzler for all of her knack, inspiration, and fabulous feminist soul!

Love and revolution,
Paradise Kendra
Virginia NOW
Communications Vice President