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A COMPLETE listing of National NOW's twitter handles --> .  Thanks @CaliforniaNOW for providing this.

For contact information for NOW chapters across the US, please visit the NOW Chapters page and use their handy, interactive map.

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Here we have curated some blogs, on-line magazines, hashtags, and Twitter handles for writers-bloggers-tweeters we have encountered. These links and suggestions are national and international. If you're looking for contacts and social media for VA-NOW and Virginia chapters, please visit our Contact Page.


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These hashtags (topics of discussion on Twitter) are designed to get you started or more connected on Twitter with pro-woman and pro-feminist allies. Click these links and connect away!!

An Eye on the Other Guy

#gop: This hashtag is usually used when tweeting about the Republican Party.

#hhrs: stands for the Hugh Hewitt show.

#iamthemob: This hashtag started after some Democrats in Congress labeled those protesting socialized medicine as a mob.

#icon: stands for Independent Conservatives.

@NVaTPOrganizer: Twitter for our own Northern Virginia Tea Party, folks!

#ocra: means Organized Conservative Resistance Alliance.

#sgp: stands for Smart Girl Politics, a conservative women's movement.

#tcot: stands for Top Conservatives on Twitter.

#teaparty: As the name implies, this is used during tea parties, or at other times on Twitter by conservatives.

#tlot: stands for Top Libertarians on Twitter.

#tpot: stands for Top Patriots on Twitter.

#xcot: refers to Christian Conservatives on Twitter.