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TRAP, or Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers, are regulations being passed in a number of states that require abortion providing clinics to comply with new restrictions, specifically designed to be impossible to meet -- and therefore the clinics will be forced to close.

These regulations are designed to restrict, and even end women's access to abortion services. These regulations are being challenged in the courts in most of the states where they have been passed. 

As the TRAP regulations are made law and as that law is challenged, some clinics in Virginia may close and then (hopefully!) reopen. VaNOW will keep you informed as we can of these changes via all our social media networks and our newsletter. For now see these articles at Virginia NOW Online and NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia.


September 17, 2015

Board of Health votes to amend politically motivated abortion restrictions!
Press Release by NARAL Virginia

Medical professionals are “deeply relieved” that existing health centers will be governed by science and medicine.


Richmond, VA - This evening, the Virginia Board of Health voted to approve amendments to medically-inappropriate and politically motivated restrictions currently regulating the Commonwealth’s women’s health centers that provide abortion. Dozens of doctors, medical professionals, and legal experts -- many of whom who had waited for over 6 hours to testify -- urged the Board of Health to amend the restrictions in order to reflect the medical reality of safe and legal first-trimester abortion and to ensure women’s health centers can remain open and accessible to the thousands of Virginia women.

After the 9-6 vote, medical professionals applauded the Board’s decision as a critical step in the right direction to roll back this ideological, politically motivated attack on women’s health care access. Today’s vote means that Virginia’s existing first-trimester abortion providers will no longer be subject to restrictions pushed by abortion opponents and designed to end women’s access to abortion by shutting down quality, compassionate health centers. 

Click here to read the remainder of the press release.

Board of Health to amend TRAP UPDATE!

December 4th, 2014


The Virginia Board of Health voted to move forward with amending the state’s targeted regulations on abortion providers (TRAP)!

This doesn’t repeal TRAP, but it gives us the opportunity to do so.

The 13-2 decision comes after years of fighting dangerous and medically-unnecessary restrictions. This crucial vote means we get another shot to ensure that abortion providers are not forced to comply with these unnecessary regulations, forcing all but 4 of Virginia’s 18 abortion providing clinics to close.

These regulations were designed to be impossible to meet, with the full intention of ending women’s access to abortion and her right to choice.

We still have a long way to go but we now have the opportunity and are making lives better for women in Virginia!  This is because of you!

2011-2013 TRAP Updates

Updated TRAP Regulations were certified by Governor Bob McDonnell and went into effect Friday, December 28th, 2012.  The second highest number of anti-choice provisions enacted in a single year was in 2012. The highest was in 2011, when 93 provisions restricting abortion access were enacted. However, these totals reflect provisions enacted during a calendar year, not legislative session. When considering the 2011-2012 legislative session, 136 anti-choice provisions were enacted.

Click here to view Reality Check's 2013 update on TRAP regulation and their implications for choice for women in Virginia. Falls Church Health Care Center is suing the state over these restrictions on women's freedom, and injunction may be issued against these regulations.