Virginia Chapter of the

National Organization for Women

Contraception, Abortion Funding,

Pre-natal Care, Pregnancy Support, After Care

Adopt Us Kids: A link to the VA Department of Social Services, children in need of adoption.

Abortion Care Network:
 Information and national directory of care providers.

American Pregnancy Association:
 Advice on pregnancy and pre-natal care.

BirthCare & Women's Health: Certified Nurse and Midwives in Alexandria, Virginia.  (Certified Nurse and Midwives, may provide anesthesia during delivery, Empirical Midwifes may not.)

Blue Ridge Abortion Fund:
 Assists women with funding. Accepts donations.

Emergency Contraception:
 Planned Parenthood's information page on the Morning After Pill. Emergency contraception is available in VA at pharmacies for people 15 years and older with ID. (Because *that* makes sense.)

 Non-judgmental support, resources, and information for women and girls who have had abortions.

Male Contraception:
 Men can be grown-ups too! Information on what lies beyond the condom.

Plan B One-step Emergency Contraceptive
is available on Amazon for $10 less than at your local pharmacy!

Planned Parenthood:
VA has several PP locations, addressing a wide range of family health care needs. They also provide full gynecological and pre-natal care. (See above as well.)

 This link to Virginia Health Information describes eligibility for Medicaid to assist with pre-natal and delivery costs, and guides visitors to the application.

World Vasectomy Day: A movement to engage men in the conversation about contraception.