The Virginia NOW PAC

Realizing civil rights and equality

for the women of the Commonwealth.

Virginia NOW PAC
P.O. Box 3662
Fredericksburg VA 22402-3662

The Virginia NOW PAC identifies, endorses, and supports candidates in Virginia's state and local elections who are pro-choice, pro-equality, and pro-women.  The Virginia NOW PAC serves as the political branch of the Virginia Chapter of the National Organization for Women. The Virginia NOW PAC ensures that Virginia NOW's voice and values are heard in state elections on issues of concern to women.

To write a check to the PAC, make your check out to Virginia NOW PAC and mail it to this address:

Virginia NOW PAC
P.O. Box 3662
Fredericksburg VA 22402-3662

The State Board of Elections presently requires that all donors provide their nameaddress, phone number, job title, job location, and employer's name when making any contributions to PACs within the state of Virginia. Without this information, we cannot accept your contribution.  Thank you!

We will support candidates who will work for our agenda on these and other issues:

  • Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
  • Reproductive Freedom and Choice
    • Birth Control, Plan B, and Abortion Access
    • Healthcare coverage of birth control/choice options regardless of situation, location, age, etc.
  • Right to Healthcare, Health Insurance, & Retirement Insurance
    • Protect Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Affordable Healthcare (a.k.a. Obamacare)
    • Medical and Patient Privacy in a Digital Age
    • End the Prescription Monitoring Program
  • End violence against women – in the home, on the street, on campus, EVERYWHERE!
    • Enforcement of anti-human trafficking laws
    • Test ALL rape kits
    • Use the evidence found accordingly
  • Update and Improve the Child Support System and Collection
    • A budget supportive of under-served population – women, children, persons with mental illness, lower-income persons and families and others
  • Employee Rights and Workplace Fairness
    • Raise minimum wage
    • Salary increases and company promotions comparable to employer skill set
    • Paid sick days, paid vacation, lunch hour + breaks, weekends and holidays off, family/medical leave, etc.
    • Expand the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to include part-time employees
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • Voting Rights
  • Implement Nonpartisan Redistricting
  • Decriminalize Sex Work in Virginia
  • End NSA, Government, Internet, and Corporate Surveillance

All issues are women's issues
. Some element of every issue affects women: from the environment to Social Security's sustainability; from health policy to economic policy. We endorse candidates who take into consideration the effects on women and their families when they formulate policies and when they vote on legislation.

For more information, or to inquire about endorsement, contact: VA NOW President, Diana Egozcue.  

To see what's going on in Virginia politics, see our Represent page.