Virginia Chapter of the

National Organization for Women


Immediate Emergency, General Support, and Longterm Empowering Resources!

These links and contact information connect you to a range of resources in Virginia, ranging from education and career training to health care, and beyond.  Did we miss something? We are always on the lookout for new sources of support for women and families in Virginia. Please, share great resources with us.

Legal Notice: Virginia NOW does not endorse these groups and services, and has no political or financial relationship with any of them. We only list these services as a sample of those available. Virginia NOW accepts no responsibility or liability for these services, their quality, or their outcomes.

Circle of 6 app

iPhone and Android, this app is your emergency plan all in one place. We can find ourselves in unexpectedly threatening or violent situations. This app contacts your close friends, sends maps of your location, help you get yourself out a bad spot.

Virginia Crisis Hotlines

Online therapists and advisers for when life, or one part of it, is getting too heavy.

Community Colleges and Universities

Higher education in VA.



Day Care and Child Care

Find care or provide care for others.



Coping / Emotional Support

When it's really bad, look here for help.


Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault / Trafficking Services

Your #1 resource for survivor support in Virginia and contact info for reporting trafficking!


Elder Care

Caregiver services and support for families caring for their elders.


Health Care: Quality & Low-Cost

Quality and inexpensive healthcare resources.


Reproductive / Choice / Abortion Services

Pre-natal care, pregnancy support, abortions services, after care.


Homeless / Economically Stressed Assistance

Shelter and food for those in need.


Women in the Military

Support and resources for women in the military. 



Assistance for documented and undocumented immigrants.



Jobs and Coaching

Find a job, change jobs, start a business and anything we find that might help you along the way!!!


Legal Representation

Legal aid and lawyers for any need.