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Don't Believe the Hype!
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NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia has done a thorough and enlightening report on crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) and their methods. Unintended pregnancy can be difficult enough without misleading information regarding reproductive options along with the manipulation of someone else's agenda. Be aware of these "clinics" and their practices.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers may, for instance, tell you that your conception date is much earlier than it actually is in order to persuade you that you are past the termination limit in VA. If you've chosen abortion because that's the right choice for you or your family, do not visit these "clinics". An example of their lies and manipulation is published at Salon.com: Caught on Tape.

Adoption, Yes :: Abortion, No

For example, AAA Women for Choice and the Bethany Project and the Gabriel Project will help you find pre-natal care and/or help you to have your child adopted, but they will not give you truthful counseling about abortion.

These groups are also pregnancy crisis centers. Again, they will help you with pre-natal care, with preparing to keep your baby, and with adoption. They will NOT tell you the truth about abortion, they will not guide you to an abortion provider, and they certainly do not perform abortions.


AAA Women for Choice even uses pro-choice language to cover their pro-birth agenda, and they're located in the same block as a legitimate abortion provider, Amethyst Health Care for Women in Manassas. 


Unfortunately, the Amethyst Health Center for Women closed on September 28th, 2015 and the crisis pregnancy center, AAA Women for Choice has redirected Amethyst's homepage --> amethysthealthcenterforwomen.com to their own --> aaawomenforchoice.com.  They are NOT the same place.  AAA Women for Choice is an anti-choice, non-medical center whose mission is to stop women from having abortions by any means necessary.


Campus and Community Sticker CampaignThis is an anti-choice, Catholic organization run and supported by the Archdioces of Arlington that provide anti-choice assistance to those who regret their abortions and are seeking spiritual assistance. Here, patrons will be advised to return to God after their sin, as in this prayer booklet. Their campus outreach page (as in the stickers pictured here) will guide patrons to the various CPCs in Virginia.
As a project of the Church, these efforts align with Catholic doctrine and are run by sincere people. But, they don't all announce that right up front. To enlist and support pro-life workers, they offer this essay on the right use of graphic images in their messaging.
While these folks will see to comfort a woman post-abortion, they will do this on the assumption that she must seek redemption.  There's also advice for men who have allowed women to have an abortion.
So, it's completely reasonable that a woman might want to seek some professional or emotional support after her decision but that's up to her and only her.  

DO NOT call the Help After Abortion phone number unless what you need is comfort in the form of repentance

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