Virginia Chapter of the

National Organization for Women

Elder Care

Specifically for people between the ages of 50-65.  Since the Affordable Health Care Act, they cannot turn citizens away because of any pre-existing condition.  (Doesn't mean they can't charge more for it, however)  For more info, see www.healthcare.gov or call 1-800-318-2596.

Care Calendar
A free web-based system for organizing your care community for elders, for new mothers, for sudden illness.

Caregivers Union
CHEU advocates for caregivers, who are often much underpaid for their work.

Compassion and Choices
Advice on advanced planning, end-of-life planning.

Department of Health and Human Services
There are many home care companies and independent contractors in VA. DHHS offers some good advice for choosing a service.

End-of-Life Consultation
Receive advice and help with advanced directives, local referrals, information and support on end-of-life care and decision making.  You may also call an End-of-Life Consultant at 1-800-247-7421.  See also: Advance Medical Directive of Virginia


Friends House
Located in Sandy Spring, Maryland, Friends House offers older adults an affordable and fulfilling retirement experience in a secure and caring setting. Friends House is a Quaker based, warm, and welcoming community where senior adults are esteemed for their experience and wisdom. Residential Living, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing are provided.

Goodwin House
A faith-based, mission-driven, nonprofit organization located in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., known for providing high quality service and exceptional quality care.  Goodwin offers all levels of living from residential living to assisted living, memory support and nursing care. Goodwin House also developed a program for older adults who want to continue to live independently in their homes called Goodwin House at Home, providing you with options designed to maintain your independence while simultaneously knowing that care will be there for you should you need it.

"The Open Enrollment Period" also called Medicare. For Gap insurance or supplemental or Part D prescription plans, consult medicare.gov and look for "Medicare Advantage Plan".  You may also try the phone number 1-800-633-4227.

Advice for caregivers (professional and not) and insight into the work caregivers do.

National Aging In Place
NAIPC has created a national forum for individuals from the aging, health care, financial services, legal, design and building sectors to work together to help meet the needs of our growing aging population, so they can continue living in the housing of their choice.

Right At Home
Northern Virginia's Affiliate
Right at Home is an in-home care and assistance agency in Fairfax, VA providing quality senior and disabled persons care since 1995.