Kaitlin CookeKaitlin (Guarascio) Cooke is a seasoned (health care) public policy analyst with a Master of Public Policy from Georgetown University. An early advocate for change, Ms. Cooke formerly served on the Senate Finance Committee, aiding in the drafting and passage of the landmark health reform legislation known as the Affordable Care Act (or “Obamacare”). During the course of her career, she has garnered more than a decade of experience drafting, analyzing, and aiding health care professionals in the implementation of meaningful public policy aimed at improving patient outcomes, lowering costs, and enhancing delivery system efficiency.

Ms. Cooke first became politically active in 2014, spearheading large-scale, low-dollar grassroots fundraising events for a presidential campaign while serving on both its national finance and millennial councils. Her initiative caught the eye of local politicians and she was appointed as Joint Campaign Co-Chair for the party in Arlington. Ms. Cooke is also a former Commissioner of the Arlington County Commission for the Status of Women.

More recently, Ms. Cooke aided in the building of a national campaign grassroots coalition, serving as a founding leader of the New England, Pennsylvania, DC/ MD/ VA, and “Women in the Military Community” chapters. Ms. Cooke also had the honor and privilege of serving as a member of a presidential campaign's health policy working group on the Cost Containment and Value (Quality), Coverage (Medicaid), and Health Equity (Women’s Health) Subcommittees to draft public policy memos for the Administration’s priority policy initiatives.