Prasidha PadmanabhanPrasidha Padmanabhan is a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, and the founder and president of the Women for Education, Advocacy, and Rights (WEAR) organization. As a woman and student extremely passionate about women’s rights, Miss Padmanabhan realized that the education system never properly addressed the contributions and indispensability of women throughout history, which prompted her to take action and begin her own organization.

She founded the WEAR Organization in the summer of 2020 to fight for the rights, representation, and equality for women. WEAR has formed partnerships with other amazing organizations and has also been working with school districts like the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) to implement curriculum change that is more inclusive of diverse women’s history. Her story was featured on CBS News (CBS Mornings) where she was interviewed about the school programming she helped to create, “Rethinking history lessons: Virginia teenager designs curriculum recognizing women of color.”

Miss Padmanabhan also serves as the youngest board member on the National Women's History Alliance national board and is passionate about fighting for women's equality in every way. She is extremely grateful for and motivated by her organization’s success and impact and can’t wait to continue fighting for gender equality throughout her future and especially as the Vice President, Communications of VA NOW. She is excited to work with the VA NOW team and be amongst a plethora of amazing and honorable women!