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    Virginia NOW - Achieving Justice & Equality Through Targeted Legislative and Political Action

    Virginia NOW advocates for legislation furthering justice and equality, especially on measures impacting women and girls: this includes criminal justice reforms, economic justice advances, and women’s health and safety, including abortion rights. 

    Our 2022 legislative priorities

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    Criminal Justice Reforms

    Remove Mandatory Minimums– Originally touted as a tool to deter serious crime and eliminate sentencing disparities, mandatory minimum sentences have had no measurable impact on deterrence and have coincided with the mass incarceration of African American citizens.

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    Economic Justice for Women and Families

    The spread of the coronavirus and COVID-19 and the attendant family disruption and economic losses have made it clear there is a great need for paid medical and family leave (long-term) and paid sick leave (short-term). The most vulnerable families are at risk. In one estimate, about 1.2 million Virginia private sector workers have no paid sick leave, most of whom arelow-wage workers such as restaurant employees and housekeepers. 

    Paid Family and Medical Leave – We support establishing a fund at state level, run by Employment Commission, with contributions by employers and employees.

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    Women's Health and Safety 

    Coverage for reproductive health services in state medical assistance plan – This would include in the state plan for medical assistance services a provision for the payment of medical assistance for medically necessary reproductive health care service for eligible individuals.


    Constitutional Amendment to Restore Voting Rights
    Constitutional Amendment to Affirm Marriage Equality