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December 17, 2021
Dear Activist,
This is an urgent request to email, call or send a Tweet to Senator Dick Saslaw, majority leader of the Virginia state Senate. 
Access to abortion is at risk in Virginia with a new Governor and a Republican majority in the House of Delegates. We can protect safe, legal abortion by codifying Roe v. Wade into law before the new administration takes over in January. This could be accomplished in Special Session, but the Democratic leadership needs to a firm push from us - the voters, many of whom voted for Democrats.
Senator Saslaw needs your emails, calls and Tweets. 
His phone is 703-978-0200
His Twitter handle is @DickSaslaw
Below is a sample email message that can be copied.
Dear Senator Saslaw,
Virginia women may lose their right to safe, legal abortion unless the Democratic caucus acts quickly and decisively. I ask you to lead the caucus in introducing and passing a bill to codify Roe v. Wade and ensure Virginia women continue to have the reproductive rights that the Democrats have fought to secure.
Passing this bill could be accomplished in Special Session. A Special Session will require a special effort by members. However, we elected Democrats to protect our rights – and that is what we need you to do now as the constitutional right to abortion hangs in the balance. 
We must not go back to the days of TRAP laws and mandatory ultrasounds. Don’t abandon women now.