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Virginia will finally have state legislative leaders who value equality and justice that includes all of us and who are champions for inclusive policies and laws that especially work for women, children, and hard-working families.


On Tuesday voters in Virginia went to the polls and elected enough Democrats to assume leadership of both houses of the state assembly.  No longer will anti-women policy makers determine our lives, safety, health, and prosperity.

The Virginia NOW PAC endorsed and supported 22 Senate candidates and 10 won.  We endorsed and supported 63 House candidates and 33 won.  While many of our candidates didn’t win their elections, we are declaring them ALL winners.  Every one put their lives, their families, their jobs and their sleep on “pause” in order to talk to voters about important progressive issues.  They promoted the ERA, access to reproductive and all healthcare, fair pay, quality childcare, good schools, commonsense gun reforms, safe homes and streets, criminal justice.... the list goes on.

We thank all of our candidates, pledge to work with our electeds, and promise to be there for all the “didn’t quite make it” candidates in their next endeavor.  We know they will either run again, run for something, or help others do the same. 


Virginia NOW PAC team

You can find a list of the winners here and more detailed election results here: