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The National Organization for Women Political Action Committee (NOW PAC) is proud and excited to announce its endorsement of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for president and vice president of the United States of America.

Our nation has waited centuries for this moment and our members have spent four years preparing for this moment—to reject the misogyny, racism and corruption of the Trump presidency and bring honor, decency, justice and feminist leadership to the White House.

Women have been demanding this day for far too long.

We have been waiting since Abigail Adams reminded her husband to ‘remember’ the ladies, since Sojourner said ‘ain’t I a woman,’ since Ida B. Wells strode to the front of the line and took her rightful place in a suffragist march. And in the 100 years since women demanded and achieved the vote, since the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts were signed in ’64 and ’65, and in the 56 years since NOW was founded.

We are going to have a woman vice president and she will get there because we’re ready to truly win.

Kamala Harris is the daughter of immigrants who frequently speaks of her heritage and the inspiration she draws from her Jamaican and Indian parents. She is a Black woman who recognizes that she stands “on the shoulders” of giants who came before her, especially those like Shirley Chisholm, one of the original founders of NOW and the woman who received NOW’s first presidential endorsement. As she recently told an interviewer, “[Chisolm] understood that you just march to that podium, and you claim that podium as yours, you don’t ask anybody permission.”

NOW has more than fifty years history of marching to podiums, speaking truth to power, not asking permission—and winning important victories. In 2018, voters agreed with this agenda and elected the most diverse Congress in history. Now, we can elect a woman vice president because women are mobilizing the largest feminist voting force in our history.

Barack Obama chose Joe Biden to be his most trusted advisor, and Joe Biden is applying the same standard to his own choice. His choice of Kamala Harris to be vice president is evidence he intends to be a feminist champion in the White House.

The 2020 elections are an historic opportunity for women to elect a new president, to take the gavel from Mitch McConnell, and give it to someone who supports women. We look forward to Vice President Kamala Harris presiding over a feminist Senate Majority, and a Biden/Harris Administration that defends and strengthens women’s rights, civil rights and justice for every community that is being harmed by the Trump administration today.