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With the 2021 Virginia elections underway, the races for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General are all in the single-digits. Many of our endorsed candidates for the House of Delegates are  also in races that are very close. We cannot afford to lose any progressive incumbents and need to add more equality champions to our numbers.

If you have been on the fence about volunteering, donating, or mobilizing for feminists and progressives in the state and in your district — now is the time to step up! We cannot allow right-wingers to undo all of our progress in Virginia.

We've seen what happens when progressives lack power in the states. Texas and Mississippi have passed unconstitutional abortion bans and dozens of state legislatures where gerrymandering is rampant are enacting barriers to voting.

We've seen the untold damage caused by the Trump administration. We cannot allow this to happen in the Commonwealth!

VA NOW PAC urges you to find a volunteer event below and fight for our rights! The website has a very helpful listing of local volunteer campaigning events. 

Early voting began on September 17, and you can vote early at your local registrar’s office (and satellite sites in some jurisdictions) through the Saturday before Election Day. If you have COVID-19 concerns, health or ability challenges, find a polling place that has curbside voting, both early and on election day. 

Mail in, aka absentee ballots, can be requested here. Read the rules carefully!

  • Did you know that Absentee Ballots require a witness signature? Last year, due to the pandemic, the requirement was waved; don't forget this year!

Finally, check out our MUST WIN candidates below to find the resources to keep Virginia blue!

The election is on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. The state executive offices are in contention and all 100 House of Delegates are on the line. Check out our list of the 77 candidates that VA NOW PAC has endorsed.