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Virginia can be the final state to ratify the ERA in 2020 if we protect our pro ERA incumbents in November and win just two more seats in the currently anti ERA state House and Senate.

"Sign up! Speak up! Ante up!"


  1. Sign up:
    1. To come to Virginia for a week in October and we’ll find you a place for you to stay and try to raise enough money, cover car rental and meals.  If you live in Virginia, fill a car full of volunteers to travel to target districts. Knock on doors and attend campaign events ‘til you drop.  
    2. To come for several weekends if you live nearby, use your own car and hotel points for housing or we’ll find a guest bedroom for you if we can.
  2. Speak up: 
    1. To make phone calls into target districts from your home.  We’ll provide lists and a script and will be calling Virginia NOW members in the months ahead and registered voters in October to get out the vote. 
    2. To have a phone bank party and enlist your friends to come to your house and make calls.  If you provide snacks, you don’t even have to make calls.  Ask all of your local chapters and allies in your state and community to join you in this effort. 
    3. To write letters to the editor to the Virginia newspapers.  Point out how important this election is for girls and women all across the country and why your favorite candidate will be the best representative for (put in city) and the nation.
  3. Ante up...put some money in the game and encourage others to do so.  This will go to candidates and help bring in volunteers.
    1. Donate personally and invite your friends and feminist contacts to join you. 
    2. Have chapter house parties to discuss the ERA and the VA elections and raise some money for the Virginia NOW PAC and the targeted candidates. 
    3. Post on social media inviting followers to join you in donating.