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The VA NOW PAC endorses the following candidates in the June 8th primary election:

Lieutenant Governor

Hala Ayalaayalah 230162 – D
“As chief co-patron on the bill that made Virginia the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and as the former president of Prince William County NOW, I have been passionate about ensuring that we codify efforts to prohibit discrimination.” 

Attorney General

Mark Herringherringm – D
“I am the son of a woman named Jane Wadell, a single mother who taught me that when you see a problem in your community, you have a responsibility to go out and fix it.”

House of Delegates

HD 2

Candi King kingc 352471– D
“I promise to promote economic and environmental justice in the legislature. It is past time that the Virginia legislature passes mandatory paid sick and family leave.”

HD 31

guzmane 284785Elizabeth Guzman– D
“I believe no one should have to choose between their health and a paycheck, but in Virginia 1.2 million workers have no paid time off. That’s why I have introduced a paid sick day bill every year and will do so again and again until we get it done.” 

HD 34

murphykaKathleen Murphy – D
“Women’s rights are human rights. After years of hard work, in the 2020 legislative session Virginia became the pivotal 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, which guarantees equal rights to all -- in the workplace, in education, and in pay -- regardless of sex. I was proud to co-patron the bill to pass this Amendment to the US Constitution.”

HD 36

plumkKen Plum – D
“It is way past time to take action to end this epidemic of gun violence and gun deaths. The Virginia General Assembly passed my bill to require universal background checks for gun transfers that the Governor signed into law.”

HD 38

kaykoKaye Kory – D
“I chair the Women’s Health Care Caucus and for the past 7 years we have worked to strengthen women’s civil rights in Virginia.  I will continue to work tirelessly to achieve justice and equity for all in our Commonwealth.”

HD 49

lopezalAlfonso Lopez – D
I voted against the prohibition of funds for abortion in the state in 2012 and co-patroned and helped pass the Reproductive Health Protection Act in 2020, which helped roll back restrictive and politically motivated measures on access to abortion and reproductive health in Virginia.”  

HD 68

adamsd 289566Dawn Adams – D
“I believe that the quality of our lives depends on a healthy environment; diverse educational and career opportunities; access to excellent affordable healthcare; and the ability to live and work within our community safely regardless of one’s race, sex, ethnicity, orientation, heritage, identification, or whom one chooses to love.” 

HD 74

bagbylaLamont Bagby – D
“Last fall’s election is about so much more than Joe Biden. It’s about the soul of America and our willingness to fight for it. We have a lot of work ahead of us. and I promise to lead the way. Let’s keep going.”

 HD 86

shinI 334629Irene Shin – D
“I will always be an advocate for funding to provide critical health care for women and I have dedicated my career to building a multiracial and inclusive democracy that works for everyone.”

The VA NOW PAC endorses the following candidates in the 2021 general election for the Virginia House of Delegates (list in formation):